Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Spring-time, thanks to Easter!

So we live in eternal summer here. The blazing heat is absolute, unequivocal proof... we're feelin' it all right, phew!

But if we've connected with the idea of a winter wonderland Christmas, Spring is far less of a stretch ;)

Easter is a period of fresh beginnings, symbolized by Spring and its chirpy glow. So we've put together some Springy-ness to help welcome Easter, dessert-style.
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The Chunky Chocolate & Banana Brownies are wonderfully decadent, and you could wash it all down with tea - we've got Chamomile Easter Muffins to help with just that ;)

Cake Pops are always a lot of fun at any party - pick up, pop in mouth, trash the stick. No fuss at all. Butterflies, flowers, lil' spring chix are perfect, mmm mmm yummy!
> Hop Right In With These Rabbits!

Get ready for Easter, it'll be a blast of fresh air!

Petite Pops

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