Monday, March 11, 2013

Petite Pops goes to the zoo... dinosaur ROARRR!

Happy Birthday OLPT!

ROARRR!!! Is that the sound dinos make?

I hope so.

Cuz that's going onto the cake I'm making.

More on Petite Pops' animal adventures:

Just back from Japan - rejuvenated, missing the crazy fubuki and superb food terribly, but all ready to work on my OLPT's birthday cake *rub hands in glee*.
> OLPT = Official Little Pops Tester (it's a good job ;)

His Mommy's throwing a dino party this year, and we thought it'd be fun to work in a couple of cake pops into the chocolate cake (seriously... what's a birthday without cake pops?!).

Trees - that's what I'll use the red velvet cake pops for.
Set up a nice jungle backdrop for the dino story.

This is from my baking inspiration, Bakerella - she is THE cake pop goddess! The recipe uses boxed cake mix, I use cakes baked from scratch which work just as well. 

It also features canned frosting, which is a fantastic binder. I'm not such a fan so I use jams, buttercreams, ganache - anything that binds will work. Oh, but no chunks. Those get in the way when rolling into cake shapes.

Ok, back to the dino cake.

What's next?

I mulled over the design for a couple of days and started putting the pieces together:

It looks like a jumble now, but it'll all come together, you'll see!

The cake is taking shape... 

Thin crumb coat of banana buttercream before
the fondant goes on ... or as the Cake Boss would say, "durrrty-ice it!"

Keeping the colors fairly cheery, OLPT is after all only 6.
And my fave detail: the bones!

This little fella found his way into the dino scene. Couldn't help it,
got hold of the cutest little porcupine cutter in Japan and had to use it.

ROAR!!! Finishing touch of dino eggs,
cake pop trees and we're all set.

Happy Birthday Aaron, to many years of Official Pops Testing ahead!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's Spring-time, thanks to Easter!

So we live in eternal summer here. The blazing heat is absolute, unequivocal proof... we're feelin' it all right, phew!

But if we've connected with the idea of a winter wonderland Christmas, Spring is far less of a stretch ;)

Easter is a period of fresh beginnings, symbolized by Spring and its chirpy glow. So we've put together some Springy-ness to help welcome Easter, dessert-style.
> Click on image above for clearer pop-up

The Chunky Chocolate & Banana Brownies are wonderfully decadent, and you could wash it all down with tea - we've got Chamomile Easter Muffins to help with just that ;)

Cake Pops are always a lot of fun at any party - pick up, pop in mouth, trash the stick. No fuss at all. Butterflies, flowers, lil' spring chix are perfect, mmm mmm yummy!
> Hop Right In With These Rabbits!

Get ready for Easter, it'll be a blast of fresh air!

Petite Pops