Thursday, April 11, 2013

A very lovely Elephant day...

So I had a surgeon tinkering about my knee a couple of days ago, fixing my torn ligament. 

I'm now hobbling around like a grandma, and it takes me forever just to arrive at the bathroom. 

"Hmmm..." said the surgeon when I asked if I could go back to baking by this week. Which in doctor-speak, is NO. 

Guess that makes this just the time to sit my hiney down and get back to blogging :)

I had the perfect entry to cheer things up - baby Teja's one year birthday bash, just before I checked in for my day with the surgeon.

Love doing dessert tables!

This was an extra special bash.
Teja's mommy is a dear friend, and I had the chance to collaborate with summer77 - another special friend who's also a baker.

Mommy's brief was simple - greens, purples, elephants - Teja's faves.

We started out with an elephant-themed invite, and the rest of the setup quickly fell into place...

A little corner to share a little love for the birthday princess

Beautiful chocolate elephant cake, baked by summer77. Took all my
resolve not to reach out and lick some of that purple frosting right off!

Sprinkles and splashes of green & purple
add magic to the strawberry cake pops

Edible landscape of berry financiers & mini
mushroom pies, where do we start?

Finally had a chance to do layered sweet treats
I'd been dying to try out. Next to do them in jars, super cute!

Just for the snackers - pretty jars of crunchies and munchies

Everyone got to bring home a triple chocolate brownie, sweet!

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