Friday, May 17, 2013

Bicycle pops: challenge... accepted!

I've neglected writing about my pops for a bit.

Time to make amends.
The cycling type.

The type that involves supreme hard work, extreme endurance, will of steel.

Presenting... the bicycle pops!

I did these a while back - a request to commemorate a very special book launch.

The author is a brilliant mind with strong insights, and has just completed his book tour, bringing Floating on a Malayan Breeze to the US.

> For more on author Sudhir Vadaketh:

If you do a quick search for bicycle cake pops, you'd find there aren't too many options that come up.
> Another sportsy cake pop outing: Hole in One

To the obvious 'why' question: Bicycles aren't meant to balance on a stick.

Humans riding and staying atop bikes - that in itself is a skill.
Balancing 2 wheels and a frame on a lolly stick - near madness.

Highly risky business.

Simple physics.

Still, I enjoy a challenge every now and then.

If Sudhir could cycle round every state in Peninsular Malaysia with nothing more than a bike, daily allowance of US$3 and two changes of clothes, I could darn well create these bicycle pops and make them stay up on sticks.

Yes, I do know these are 2 vastly different challenges.
But hey, whatever does the job of motivating, right?

Wheels made of cake pops, bike frame
painstakingly fashioned by hand. Nearly went
blind assembling the tiny parts. Many were broken
along the way, snapped in pieces - much patience
needed... just like writing the book.

Told you there were similarities ;)

Hand-painted flags (yes, edible too) of Singapore and
Malaysia, ethos behind  the book.

Making it personal: a personalized note
upon a trusty 2-wheeler

Sudhir is starting research on his next book, so catch up quick and get a copy of Floating on a Malayan Breeze on Amazon.

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