Monday, March 10, 2014

The best cure for Monday blues? Hilarious Pinterest laughs! (ok, this post IS about a rock-climbing cake too)

Unless you've been living under a rock (yes yes, a pun! ;), there's no escaping the magnetic draw of Pinterest.

We've all been inspired by the amazeballs cake pops, jaw-dropping cakes, must-have-'em cupcakes.

We've all looked to the Pinterest Oracle for ideas when we get stumped.

We've all been convinced at some point - we can recreate what we see, just as well!

I love a sense of humor, and a good laugh at yourself is essential - especially when you've "nailed it", somewhat like this:

Photo from

Check this hilarious post out and you'll see what I mean.
(sagging Cookie Monster has to be my favourite lol!)

I've had countless Pinterest Fails of my own, but since it's a Monday, we could all use a little positive reinforcement.

So here's one of my Pinterest projects for an aspiring sports star, who had an awesome rock-climbing birthday party.

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Left: Pinterest cake (and photo) by SimplyCakesMelbourne
Right: My spin on the rock-climbing cake,
with my little Asian climber to match the birthday girl

Start off with the rock wall base, a 2-layered
chocolate cake covered with white fondant,
embedded with edible candy 'rocks'.

Mold and pinch parts of the cake wall to
create little nooks, mimicking a real wall.

I find it best to push the candy rocks in
right after covering the cake, so the fondant is
still pliable and will dry around the rocks.  

Sculpting humans are kinda challenging -
proportions, color, posture - you don't want to end
up with a Hobbit or an awkward dangling giant.

Reinforce figurines with toothpicks or skewers
for support, especially the limbs and head.
Just remember to remind eager guests
to be careful when they chomp on her!

Black hair made out of royal icing goes on, and
viola - the little girl doesn't look like a psychotic
jawbreaker-on-legs anymore.

Attach birthday girl with royal for extra security,
and pipe on climbing rope with black food gel.

Rock-themed chocolate cupcakes to
match the cake, everyone goes home happy!

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