Friday, May 16, 2014

It's Food Revolution Day!

Food options and life choices are pretty much the same, to me at least.

Just as important, just as empowering.

Many of us are fortunate to be served the world - with an uncountable repertoire of sweets, savories, soups, frieds, greens, locals, homegrowns, imported.

But even more of us are struggling from meal to meal, each more precarious than the last.

And while we're so blessed to have so many food options to choose from, it's nice to take time to appreciate what we're eating, to think a little about what food means.

Which is what Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day (FRD) is all about.

His mission to inspire change is well documented.
He believes in investing in the future, and I love the glorious exhilaration of FRD's slogan "Let's Get Kids Excited About Food".

I'm not saying we go all crazy gluten-free, no-sugar, all-organic-only.

That's just no-fun.

Eating well can still be a ton of play and excitement, and I wanted to share a couple of fantastic inspirations for kids' food I came across:

Picky Palate

I love Jenny's philosophy towards food - a cookie in one hand, a salad in the other. Something I completely agree with. One of the sections on her site is aptly named Skinny Palate. While it's not targeted at kids, Picky Palate is about food that even the pickiest eaters will love - someone say kids! Green Eggs & Ham Scramble, Honey & Orange Creamsicle Slushy Chocolate Banana and Peanut Butter Milk... she's got it going.

Super Healthy Kids

This isn't just one mom's blog, but the collective wisdom of an entire team including a trainer and nutritionist. Their focus is on fruits and vegetables, and they have fantastic ideas for better health for kids. Sports nutrition, keeping kids fit, how to introduce food groups to your kids - where were these guys when we were young??

In case you're thinking they sound like health nazis (they are a little!), they do have fun too with recipes like the Raspberry Cheesecake and Sugar Snap Bugs and Butterflies.

Meaningful Mamma

Anyone who can make fruits look this adorable, needs to be mentioned. Jodi started the site as a way of sharing her parenting experiences and giving back, and it's now expanded to include the cutest food ideas. Not all her food recipes are health-based (her site does focus on Character Development after all), but she's got a few gems that are adorable and creative. Check out her Owl Strawberries and Butterfly Snack Packs.

Eat well everyone, let food make you smile, and be thankful for life!

To participate and donate to FRD, click here.