Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lazy-day bread

Like lazy brunches, weekends are made for laze-around baking.

Not too tedious, not too fussy.

But tasty and smelling good.
Baking smells are one of the most amazing aromas on the planet.

They trigger people and faces, memories.
Family, friends.
A warm, snug heaven.

Good things.

My brother-in-law was roasting up a slab of really mouthwatering beef, and I thought some good ol' bread would be just the thing to go along.

Bread can be a little time-consuming to make. But choose the right recipe and you actually get to sneak in a few chores and bits to be done around the house while waiting for the yeast to work on the dough.

Not a bad deal.

There are a few ways to impart the needed air into your bread - kneeding, time or agitation.

This recipe from The Splendid Table is fairly fuss free, and you can play with flours, grains (whole grains are fantastic for fibre!) and flavors when you've tried it a couple of times and comfortable with how it behaves.

The early parts of the recipe takes a little patience, but really - it's an amazing science experiment in motion, watching the puff and fall of yeast working it's way through the pale dough.

And then it's finally time to slash the dough.

A strangely satisfying 10 seconds criss-crossing the pillowy softness to create escape for the mad hot steam as it bakes.

And this is why I make my own bread.

To crystallise the comfort and warmth of family, into something tangible, something to share.

Eat well, eat sensibly, eat with your friends and family.
Happiness guaranteed.

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