Thursday, March 17, 2016

Meet the Easter Blueberry Galette

It's curious how traditions start.

Easter bunnies and pretty decorated eggs, for instance. 

Pretty sure Christ didn't institute the practice of hiding eggs for kids to find, and even more sure bunnies don't lay eggs. And if you see real bunnies laying brown eggs, back away... those are definitely not chocolate.

How then, in the good name of chocolate easter eggs, did these traditions come about?

As with all historically steeped legends, there are numerous tales about how these originated.

Eostre, the goddess of fertility, was apparently responsible for 'em bunnies. In a time when gods and goddesses were worshipped, she was chosen to represent Easter and her symbol - rabbits - promised new life.

As for the eggs: the church reportedly forbade the eating of eggs during Lent. So the people saved them up, and feasted on eggs on Easter.

The German immigrants were believed to have popularised the practice of nest-building, for the bunnies to lay eggs. And now, kids all over get a kick hunting for eggs and chocolate bunnies on Easter day.

And there we have it, the eggy back story to Easter celebrations.

Whatever the origins, I like to associate Easter with fruit and spring sunshine.
New life, and such a good reason to rejoice.

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And in honour of Easter, we have the Blueberry Galette. Perfect for sharing, or one-person hoarding - for multiple breakfasts.

This rustic open-faced tart has blueberries and fruit, wrapped in a hand-folded cashew crust. Eat warm, topped with a scoop of ice-cream.


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