Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Baking for good

Inertia is such a sneaky lil' thing.

It somehow feels SO comfortable doing things we're familiar with, even if it doesn't make too much sense sometimes. Like taking a certain route to work, though it means walking a bit longer. Or drinking our coffee a certain way, with just the amount of milk and temperature we're used to.

Inertia's not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes we forget to grow when our roots get fossilised.

So I'm trying to use my baking as a means of jiggling up inertia, to support causes I care about, in my own small way.

Food scarcity is an area that bugs me (blame it on my greed and my equally greedy friends), as is health. I generally want to think there is a liveable future for all of us.

And kids - they're a particularly vulnerable group jostling for resources among the millions of other causes, and children without anyone to fight for them, is especially hard to see.

That's Megan on the right, sharing giggles with one of the kids at the orphanage. 
Photo by Zann Lim.

When a friend Zann shared about her daughter Megan's efforts to support an orphanage they've been visiting in Selangor, the pieces came together.

It stinks not to have basic life items like adequate food, healthcare, footwear and clothes, and these kids were at the disadvantaged end of the life spectrum, from such an early age.

I wanted to support both Megan and the orphanage through my baking, and am pledging happy day cake pops for folks who wanted to pitch in. Proceeds go directly towards Megan's fund-raising, and my extremely supportive friends have been eagerly snapping the pops up.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Everyone gets a little something, everyone has a reason to smile a little more.

> Read more about Megan's fund-raising initiative

I'm also partnering with the Yoga Loft (29 Mayo Street #02-01), a 3-month pop up that's home to things wellness/yoga. There are all sorts of classes to participate in, and oodles of well-thought-out apparel, food, accessories to facilitate living well.

It's a cute little space with amazing heart.

Drop by to say #helloyogaloft, and look out for Petite Pops' granola and snacks there. Put yourself down for the 2 bonus yoga classes just round the corner - Jun 1 at 7pm, Jun 4 at 3pm - get some good fun in, at completely no cost!

We all have the power for good, and I'd love to push for positive change, in whatever way we can manage.

And of course, always remember to do it with a glad spirit and a belly full of desserts!