Monday, April 9, 2012

Petite Pops goes to the zoo... Curious George!

Curious George might have just slightly smaller ears, but I think he'd hit it off quite well with our mischevious monkeys :)

The inspiration behind these pops was the birthday girl's resemblance to the furry mammal. In a good way. Eyes the size of saucers, ears that stood out a little, round skittle-like head.

Very endearing.

Chocolately round nekkid monkey heads!

The trickiest part to the monkeys was their yellow mouth. 

Candy melt discs were perfect cuz they had a little upturn in the center that resembled the monkeys' upturned mouth. I cut them down with circular molds, and had to work quickly so the heat from my hands didn't start melting them. 

Mmmm, too big, too thick. Monkey looked like a bee stung his lips, or he'd been sucking on an empty Vitagen bottle for too long. 

Sliced them down vertically by half - bingo.

Making pops is a lot of trial and error. You have to spend time experimenting, looking for parts that would work as you wanted them to, adjusting positions of each fixture to sit just the way you like it.

On went the beige eyes and ears, finished with royal icing piped to fill in eyeballs, a nose and a smile.

Oooh... I see the light

If you're Monkey cake pops, just remember that the ears sticking out make them more suitable to go into an arrangement of pops rather than individual treat bags - you don't want a trail of ears falling off.

Have fun!

There goes the eye, right after the ears!