Thursday, March 29, 2012

Petite Pops goes to the zoo ... Ponies!

And so begins the Petite Pops animal series...

Animals are irresistable. Something about their half-suprised expressions and doe-eyed faces. Most at least. Some a little diabolical or deranged-looking. Or maybe it's their helplessness - endears them, makes people want to reach out and hug them.

I've had a couple of animal requests recently, and I'll start off with the latest - pretty ponies!

Happy birthday sweet Hannah!

This was for an adorable little 5-year old munchkin, who is in love with ponies. Her cheeky face lights up with an extra wide grin when ponies are in the room, and her mommy arranged for pretty pony cookies for school for her birthday.

I did some pony cake pops for her, and they kinda put a grin on her face too :)

These were done kinda on the fly, I didn't have very much time to test and try as I usually like to do.

I started out sculpting the entire pony from cake. But of course, their odd shape and uneven weight distribution slid them right off the pop stick. 7 mins was all it took before they came crashing down.

Change of plans: let's do the pony body out of cake, and the rest will be fondant and royal icing add ons.

That worked much better.

Have to say, ponies aren't the easiest to shape freehand. Have you tried drawing their manes or horsey heads??

I ended up combining molded die-cuts, and freehand shaping to create the right shapes and sizes to fit the little cake pop bodies.

Yellow hair... not a bad look...

They may not look like it here -
but these are actually the pony legs!

And of course we needed to dress them up in the sweetest pastel colours, fit for a pretty little birthday princess.

Pale yellow on baby pink mane, ash blue limbs, yellow on blue saddles.

All done.

These little babies made me smile too :)

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