Monday, August 19, 2013

Bee-do, bee-do, get ready for some Minion cuteness!

They were never meant to be such a big part of the movie, creators thought they'd be a fun little something-on-the-side for a bit of a laugh.

But their indecipherable babble and staccato tottle and skips were so endearing, they upstaged the stars and will now have their own movie.

Bellooooo Minions!
That's 'Helloooo Minions' for you.

Yes, Minion-ese apparently exists, a language with Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Filipino influences created by the Despicable Me director.

Yellow fever hit everywhere (I'm guilty of a certain banana-song ringtone!), and these highly excitable creatures with very little self-control were in hot demand - even as desserts.

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Cupcakes are a great backdrop for the Minions, you could create different personalities for each.

The gang waiting to surprise Karlye!

Before they got to Karlye, these 4cm tall tic-tacs-on-steroids had to
spend some time in the workshop dressing up and getting some eyeballs

Running amok uncontrollably, as they do in real life

Kevin - impulsively (as all minions are) overtaken
by the Saturday Night Fever

Dave (right) - slightly appalled that he has to
stand next to Stuart in that green frock 

What's a minion got to do to get that banana??

Poopaye = Goodbye, an apt farewell gift for a wild Minion fan

Couldn't resist finishing off with the adorable Minion bubble wand
I spotted at the party favor shop next to my physiotherapist's office

Another little boy was celebrating his birthday with the Minions, and this time I went with some cheeky 2D faces:

Minion - deconstructed

Fun fact: Minions love bananas and apples, and the mere
sight of either of these fruits can cause complete chaos.
Low maintenance friends, what's not to like? ;

The birthday boy in the background, grinning as widely as his minions!

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