Sunday, January 10, 2016

12 ways to glow: Week 1 - Outside Glow

It's so much fun collaborating, like a left shoe finding its right shoe to make a snazzy pair of happy feet.

To kick off the brand new year, I'm partnering Shop JOM in their 12x12 Challenge, which started Monday. 12 minutes of workout, over 12 days (ready, sweat, glow!). 

Arms, legs, abs - you name it, they've got it covered in their daily workout challenges. 

Photo from Shop Jom

With all that huffing and puffing, there must be a day of rest. The 7th day - kinda like the sabbath. To be good and kind (to your body). 

So I'm sharing my 12 little tips on Glowing, over 2 Sundays - starting today. 

This week's about the OUTSIDE GLOW. Small little steps to help your body glow, all ultra achievable. 

1. Be kind to your body
Tidying guru Marie Kondo says thanks to her socks at the end of each day, because they've worked so hard supporting and carrying her around. She never balls them up, and doesn't crowd them in the closet. Now if she be that kind to her socks, our bodies deserve better. Start with an easy skin regime that we can realistically upkeep, like this Honey Avocado Mask. Yummy. 

2. Eat foods with ingredients you can pronounce
This takes some discipline so let's keep it real - start this with weekends, since we have more control over our food away from the office grind. Look at the ingredient list on what you're planning to eat. Spy something unpronounceable? Or something you can't spell on first try? Put it back, and walk away. Those are usually additives and other funky additions to chemically enhance or preserve foods. 

And don't look back. Real foods usually have simple, real, pronounceable ingredients. 

3. Be smart, engage portioning warfare
There is a universe you can eat your fave foods, heck even indulge a little. But military-style strategising is needed to fool the enemy - over-eating. Take out a small portion of that dish, and put the rest out of sight and reach. Once you're done with your portion, move on. Ain't no seconds in this battlefield. 

4. Time out
Grab a towel, fave playlist, happy-day drink or nibble, an eye mask, some candles and a huge do-not-disturb sign. Hang that sign on the door, close it after you. Now you have your spa-at-home. Set the timer for 30 min (you don't want to add stress having to constantly check on time), and do not emerge before then. You need to chill a little, for your body to repair and glow. 

5. You gotta move it, move it
Always have your workout gear and bag packed. Towels, socks, shoes, mats, tights, cropped tops, weight lifting gloves - make sure fresh ones are packed the minute you reach home after exercising. No excuses, less procrastination and frantic annoyance when you head out for your next workout. 

6. Make switchel
Popular in the 1800s among woodsman pioneers, this apple cider drink has made a comeback. Gaining favour as an alternative electrolyte and energy boost, this scrumptiously crisp drink is perfect for our insanely hot weather, beating manufactured isotonic drinks any day. 

And with a 4-ingredient list of pretty pronounceable items, this is definitely a keeper. 

Maple-Ginger Cider Switchel (4 servings)
Adapted from Bon Appetit

You'll need:
6 oz fresh ginger
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons maple syrup - honey will work as well
1 tablespoon fresh lime/lemon juice
4 cups water/club soda

To make: 
- Pass ginger through juicer, or grate and squeeze by hand - you'll need about 1/2 cup. 
- Combine ginger juice, vinegar, maple syrup and lime/lemon juice in a pitcher and stir until maple syrup is dissolved. Chill until cold. 
- To serve, dilute with water/club soda and pour into ice-filled glasses.

Next Sunday, we'll work on our INSIDE GLOW .

To a brilliant 2016,  let's get glowing!

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