Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stars on trees.. it's Christmas!

My favourite time of the year - Christmas!

It's usually quite a lovely, busy time with church, friends, family. Eating, catching up, spending time, connecting with those we love.

There's also a great deal of excitement tearing open lovingly-wrapped parcels, some oddly shaped, holding mystery cheer ... and sometimes getting strange gifts you have no idea what to do with.

No matter, good intentions were there, Christmas cheer all round.

This is a back-tracked post as you can tell, Christmas 2011.

I took on a bit more than I could chew, with quite a few Christmas pop orders. Drove me a little nuts, I got really, really ill by the time Christmas came round. But I guess no better way than to dive right in, and paddle like there's no tomorrow.

These Christmas trees are one of my favourit-est and most popular pops, I had such fun doing them (aside from the horrendous fever and flu I caught from the lack of rest, ugh).

I started off with small confetti stars atop the trees, but somehow they just didn't have that special oomph I wanted.

I shopped around, trawled sweet sections in malls, and found the perfect stars you see here - from Candilicious!

I had an army of trees invading the house, they were everywhere. Tables, on top of the stoves, in the ovens, on the shelves. I didn't see my table top for a good 2 weeks.

Nekkid pops!

It was quite a bit of effort bagging, tagging, ribboning each of these little trees, but I do so love how they look in the end.
Realms of luscious Christmas colours!

The trees... sharing a moment...

Love the tiny green trees against the rich chocolate brown!

These little babies were quicker to do. I found these adorable green trees at the baking shop a little while ago, and was waiting for the right pop to use them on. 

And I found a home for them here. 

In case you're wondering... the Christmas trees took a lot more time to do, and would cost a little more than simpler round pops with the trees like these. 

There are always options, occasions, who you want the pops for, for the budget you have in mind. So don't be shy... always feel free to drop me a note if you'd like to bounce ideas for a certain pop you have in mind, or even if it's to ask - how much would a Christmas Tree pop cost?

Merry Christmas!

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