Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dong Dong Chiang!

How do you wink at an orange?

2011 was year of the Rabbit,  2012 the grand Dragon. 

Animals come and go, but oranges are here to stay. We whip out a pair of mandarins when we visit someone at home, we hand them out when we exchange ang pows and good tidings of fortune and health, we slurp on their juiciness as the obligatory Taiwan variety shows play out on TV.

Oranges ARE chinese new year.

So I decided to make orange-fashioned pops to usher in the brand new Year of the Dragon. Plus their naturally round shapes made them perfect pop material.

The merry Pops family put a grin on everyone's faces

A friend in HK ordered orange pops for her family here. She sends them orange and CNY goodies every year, and she loved the idea of giving these oranges with a twist.

Granny and the whole family had a blast! 

Aunt said she couldn't beat to bite into their faces,  Daddy was highly amused with their expressions as he drove them home in the car. 

This one was for the kids!

This friend has been a precious part of my pops journey, supporting and encouraging unconditionally.

My new year has been blissfully blessed with wonderful people like her, I hope yours will be as auspiciously gifted.

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