Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to share a good pineapple tart

The phone buzzed: "What are you up to tonight? I'm bored." Message from my Bestie.

It was 11pm.

I'd just stepped in from another giddy, heady night of... wait for it... not clubbing, but cake pop supply shopping LOL. That's how psyched I get about pops.

I'd acquired 10 new pots in various shapes for pop arrangements, loads of ribbons, treat bags, pretty papers - couldn't wait to check them out properly at home. It'd been a fruitful shopping day.

But Bestie had just come back from a work trip to London, and I wanted to catch up with her. People before things, my motto.

I couldn't resist squeezing in a bit of baking while Bestie took a shower and drove over. I had planned to bake some cake to experiment on some new designs tomorrow, and I went to work mixing up a batch of batter, crossing my fingers I would have time to stick it in the oven before she arrived.

Chocolate cake balls
Almost made it!

I was in the final stages of batter scooping when Bestie ding donged. We popped the cake in, chatted about London, work, friends while I attempted to tame the baking mess in the kitchen into something discernible.

While the cake baked, we settled down to Game of Thrones, the HBO series we were both hooked on.

There was the intermittant "Is he the good guy??" and "Why did the King kill her??" that peppered the 3 episodes we watched together, nestled on my brown couch, sipping fizzy Ribena.

Soda water - the secret to kickass Ribena!
The hours flew past and many hay bee hiams, pineapple tarts and Bloody Mary crisps later, the night caught up and it was time for Bestie to head home.

We didn't do much really. But we enjoyed the time together. Just like how it was when we were staying in the university hostel as roommates.

We did strange things.
I nibbled on the crusts of pineapple tarts which I loved, and she would eat all the pineapple centers.

We make a good pair.

Take the time to hang out with the people in your life, devote some love.

Make them smile... make their day dance ;)

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