Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Dayz

The happy trio, enjoying the Happy Day

HAPPY DAYZ are the best days. 
Happy Daze too.. but that's another post altogether.

They bring sunshine, chase the blues away, they're designed for glee (yes the show too.. Rachel looks permanantly buzzed)!

And that was how I conceptualised this happy pop for a friend who wanted to give her co-workers a little something to remember her by. She was transferring to an affiliated company, so she wasn't leaving them entirely. And I thought the happy days they spent in corporate hell-and-highwater was the perfect going-away theme. 

Hot pink on green worked beautifully - she's fun, spunky and full of life. The pearly dragees added a touch of class.

Worked in my friend's initial 'S'

That's how I usually design my pops. 

I try to get a little glimpse of the people, what they like, why they're choosing to give pops. Then I build a connection to their story, and the designs pretty much work themselves out from there.

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