Monday, February 13, 2012

My poster boy

He's mine, my little poster boy. He makes first contact with my pops.

Ok... more like my OLPT - Official Little Pop Tester.

OLPT's private moment with his pop

He was introduced to my first ever cupcake pops when he went to his aunt's house for the family's weekly dinner; his aunt is a good friend of mine. When he saw them, he picked one up, looked hard and asked," What's that?"

My first attempts weren't the prettiest. I was foolish enough to start with cupcake pops... they looked so adorable in the book, I dove right in.

What was I thinking??
I wasn't - apparently.

I had to get the cake baked, and then frost-mixed. It spent some time chilling in the fridge before I could shape them into tiny cupcakes. Of course, my cake was too moist - it was my first. And it was a pain in the ass to shape cake that wouldn't hold, and will that soggy mess to stay on the stick.

Virgin pops - they tasted better than they looked, honest!

To add to the fun, it was a 2-step shaping process. Which meant extra handling of the cake, which led to the inevitable - my cake got even softer.

All too much for a first timer.

I felt exactly as I did when I climbed Mount Rinjani in Lombok, all 3000m of it - madly exhausted, half crazed.

But my OLPT was such a dear, he lapped it up.
And even asked for seconds.

I experiment with designs on weekends, there're just so many ways you could work a pop.
Swirls, dips, sprinkles, buttons, confetti, piping, tri-coating, pearl dusted ... endless.


 And every Sunday, OLPT looks forward to the pops.

He's never afraid to try, he never rejects. Sometimes he'll say 'it's yummy!' (his fave phrase for pops). Other times when the designs are bad, even he has to ask again," What's that?"

Kids never lie (not yet at this age, at least) - and that's the best part about my OLPT.

It's his birthday next week, I'm psyched to be doing his birthday pops!

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