Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello, 2013!

Happy 2013, world!

I'm a little late, but I'm giving myself the excuse that we're still in the single-digit calendar dates part of January, so it still counts.

A lovely way to start the new year...

... creating 2013 cake pops to add some zing to someone's new year party!

In all honesty, I was catching a breath after all the Christmas baking (wrinkled fingers and varicose veins, happy times!), and trying to clear a path around the place to make getting around less of a hope-skip-jump exercise. 

A lot faster too, when you need to get to the loo in a hurry.

Like I was saying in my Lunar New Year post, the new year aian't done with us yet. We're welcoming the Year of the Snake in just a month.

Start stocking up the Lunar cheer:
> Dong Dong Chiang
> How to share a good pineapple tart

So while you're saving up those crisp any pow dollars, and frantically penning those new year resolutions (like I am), I'd like to take the opportunity to holler all my love, blessings and peace to everyone as we get ready to take on another brand new year.

And in the good cheer of the Lunar New Year, I'll be putting up a couple of blog entries on all things red, look out for those soon! 

In the meantime, some scarlet to start off:
> There's never too much red around with Elmo
> Poppin' red cherries, even the jackpot ones
> Baked with love

Smile everyone, let's make it a good year.

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