Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crimson splash: Red Santa Hats

Christmas is over, I know...  But there are a few good reasons why these cute little cupcakes are here.

Firstly, it's my delusional way of extending my favorite holiday, and making it last just a little longer :)

Secondly - there's always time for red velvet.

Lastly, the Lunar New Year is coming up, and red is just the color for untold wealth and prosperity ... so they say.
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Hello world, it's 2013!

So it's really just the right time to write about these adorable little Christmas head-toppers.

I think the magic is in the simplicity.

Nothing mind-boggling, nothing earth-shattering.
Just good ol' fashioned adorable.

Blood-red strawberries.... 

... perched on crimson red velvet

Their combined robust charm, just singing out Christmas all over...

The white frosting peeking out for a tinge of festive chill and cheer.

All tied up pretty ...

... and ready to jingle some bells!
Need more red?

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