Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year of the Snake, don't let it be a party without cake!

Wakey... hope you've gotten the last of the new year hangover outta your system, and can now change resolution from 'aspirin' to 'i can walk straight'.

Breathe... cuz new year's aian't done with us yet - it's the lunar new year in just a month!

We've cooked up some CNY pops that give a fun twist to the traditions of orange-giving and auspicious cheer - check out the mailer above (click on mailer image for clearer reading in pop up).

More lunar new year stories:
> Dong Dong Chiang
> How to share a good pineapple tart

For something red and less traditional for the new year, perhaps Elmo's the answer...

And if you're wondering what in the world cake pops are, here's my attempt at explaining these little things that bring the happy snappy when you look at them (and even when you eat them!).

Pops can be collected between Jan 9 - 24, do pass the mailer on to friends and family looking for a little something special this new year.

To a brilliant start to the year of the Snake, don't let it be a party without cake!

Petite Pops

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