Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sleigh bells are ringin, your Christmas desserts a-callin'!

Hi Petite Popp-ers & friends,

We're almost on to Christmas, it's just barely 3 weeks away - where did all that time go?!

Christmas carols are playing everywhere, the lights are up, and it may be rainy these days - but you could almost turn that into a nice chilly Christmas season.

Everyone is already feeling the festive-in-our-bones, and we do wanna help get your Christmas shopping on the way. We have something new, something homey, something decadent, something classic... something for every sorta taste. Almost anyways ;)

Have a look at the Petite Pops Christmas Bake List above, share it with friends and family who are looking for a little something special for Christmas this year.

Email your orders to PetitePopRocks@gmail.com as early as you can, the more time to work on your orders, the better!

And don't forget - sign up for our newsletter at petitepops.blogspot.com for updates.

Petite Pops

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